Boosting Your Business Education

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There is so much constant change in the spa industry, that it's a necessity to continue to advance your education on what is happening. One field that is highly underrated is spa business. There are numerous aspects to spa business from client retention, to retail, to marketing and so much more. Do you find yourself looking for more spa business education?

In a recent poll on Skin Inc., our audience shared that 83% are interested in additional spa business education. It's clear to see that there are more opportunities for continuing education in the esthetics business sector.

A great opportunity to enhance your spa entrepreneurship knowledge is by attending our upcoming Face & Body Northern California show on August 21-21, 2023 at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center in Sacramento, CA. There will be several spa business specific classes offered throughout the show, with all of them offering continuing education credits. 

Face & Body Spa Business Classes

The Importance of Diversifying Your Business | Bianca Edwards

Saying it’s important to be able to treat all skin types, all complexions and all backgrounds in your business is an understatement. Unfortunately though, many spa professionals enter the industry with inadequate training on treating higher Fitzpatricks. Bianca Edwards, founder of Beauty EQ, will cover how you can work toward diversifying your business and what that really looks like in the treatment room and beyond. Edwards goal is to empower all beauty professionals so that they feel confident with treating ethnic skin, and this class will set attendees in the right direction to do just that.

The Microbiome of Your Spa: A Guide to Being a Successful Spa Leader | Oriana Osher

Oriana Osher will be driving the connection between the microbiome’s challenges and how this correlates with the day-to-day operations of a thriving spa in their class. More specifically, Osher will share how to support your spa’s business in regards to onboarding, training, protocols, team building and more. This presentation will provide a new perspective to enhance the outlook of how to create an upbeat work environment that enables the entire team to be leaders, shine bright and support one another.

How to Set Boundaries Through Systems and Automation | Hunter Donia

Knowing how and when to set boundaries in a professional setting is very important as a beauty pro and human being. This class will walk attendees through how to professionally and properly set boundaries in the workplace. It will cover how to get comfortable setting them in a professional manner, as well as how systems and automations can help hold a professional accountable to boundaries in their business. Attendees will learn how to confidently communicate changes, price increases and other boundaries to their clients without negative reactions. 

The Service Menu Scrub: How To Confidently Raise Your Prices (and Never Get Guilted Into a Discount Again) | Mary Chhea

Optimize your service menu for more joy, sustainable profits, and dreamier clients. When you know why you charge what you charge for your services, it takes the guesswork out of pricing. Your service prices become rooted in reality instead of other people’s opinions, your competitor’s prices, or your beliefs about money. Your prices should be based on what you need to live + thrive, period. In this step-by-step class, you'll learn how to make over your service menu so that you can plan and execute price changes and ensure that you're bringing home enough income for your needs.

Marketing Methods for Beauty Professionals | Jamerie Michalek

Jamerie will dive into a range of different marketing methods in this class. Attendees will learn how marketing has evolved and how to stay on the cutting edge of the latest techniques when it comes to effectively marketing your business to new and existing clients.

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