Hyperpigmentation Master Class

Jan 2nd, 2014
Jan 2nd, 2014
Atlanta, GA, 30341
Pigmentation therapy remains uncharted territory for many aestheticians and presents a challenge to the aesthetician at any level of skill and experience. Pigmentation abnormalities are the result of many situations involving sun exposure, chemical mitosis, hormones, prescription drugs, and numerous health conditions. Successful treatment requires acute assessment, equipment variables, protocols and knowledge of cosmetic chemistry. This class presents an in depth look into the mechanisms of hyperpigmentation, it’s behavior, and treatment options. Pigmentation therapy whether in the spa or clinical setting represents a highly specialized service and the opportunity for expanding results oriented treatment in your practice. You will learn: Epidermal pigmentation, Dermal pigmentation, Ethic skin & pigmentation, Health, disease & pigmentation, Mechanisms of radiation and solar damage, Environmental pigmentation, Pathology, histology, Pharmacology & pigmentation, Equipment & modalities for treatment, LED, IPL, Developing protocols, Cosmetic chemistry basics, Fact & fiction – SPF, Product ingredient study, and Hands-on interactive workshop. An Institut DERMed Certificate will be issued upon completion.
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