3 Day Advanced Skin Therapy Workshop

Oct 5th, 2019
Oct 7th, 2019
Day 1 will include putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The following topics will be covered and discussed: taking a holistic approach to understanding, improving, and healing skin, consultation forms, in-depth look at product ingredients, pH and how they affect skin, testing their personal skin care products and cosmetics for effectiveness, and a thorough understanding of sun and the damage it can cause is a key factor in putting the pieces together. Day 2 will include the pieces that make a “true expert” in the skincare industry. It will include the following topics: each student will have their picture taken with a UV Detect Camera and will learn to identify sun damage which will give them the road map in treating and correcting sun damaged skin, analyzing skin, testing of skin, holistic facial treatments and LED light therapy and high frequency. Day 3 will cover the final pieces to a successful career in skin. Topics include: treatment and home care prescribing and clean cosmetics. Students will receive a certificate of completion in Advanced Skin Therapy Training. All workshop material included plus personal mini skin care kit.