Understanding the Melanogenic Maze Webinar

Sep 3rd, 2019
Sep 3rd, 2019
Atlana, GA
North America
The development of hyperpigmenation, melasma and other pigmentation anomalies of the skin are commonplace in the esthetic setting and the number of clients presenting pigmentation concerns is evolving from what was once a particular age group, to women and men of all ages. The development of hyperpigmentation involves biochemical and hormonal pathways that are very closely linked to functional processes within the body, as well as many other internal and external influences. This webinar will explore the etiology and development of pigmentation, the common and not so common presentations of pigmentation and the scientific approach in selecting effective ingredients, modalities and client home care. Pigmentation management requires an understanding of the pathways and mechanisms of its development in order for selective, effective and comprehensive treatment to be administered.