Anti-Aging Skin Care and Successful Estheticians

Dec 10th, 2018
Dec 10th, 2018
Des Plaines , Il
North America
It’s inevitable that as women age and undergo hormonal changes they experience a host of symptoms, many of them affecting the skin. Since many women begin to notice unfavorable changes in their skin, they generally seek the advice of an esthetician. A successful esthetician would be wise to target this market, as well as stay updated on the ever-evolving world of anti-aging cosmetics. New formulations and techniques such as nutraceuticals and human stem cells are the buzz of the beauty industry and are just beginning to establish their efficacy. In this class, you will learn: new skin care products that utilize advanced pharmaceutical ingredients, a review of skin physiology, a healthy cell replication process and factors influencing accelerated skin aging including glycation, the differences between various pharmaceutical ingredients and their skin penetration abilities, the most common skin modalities and treatments related to hormonal changes of the skin, how the breakdown of collagen and elastin contributes to loose, lackluster skin, products and treatments to stimulate collagen production and hydrating the skin and preventing TEWL.