4 in 1: Cutting Edge Modalities for Ultimate Treatments

Oct 29th, 2018
Oct 29th, 2018
Des Plaines, Il
North America
With all of the competition out there, you cannot afford to get behind on the latest trends and developments in the skin care industry. Offering the highest quality treatments that delivery results is a foolproof way to achieve success and client retention. This class will cover microdermabrasion, oxygenation, hydrofacial and sonophoresis, and it show you how to combine these services for a 4-in-1 “Ultimate Treatment.” This innovative, combination treatment will produce unbelievable results for clients seeking advanced skin rejuvenation. You will learn: various types of microdermabrasion techniques, Oxygenation for esthetics treatments, Hydrofacial for skin rejuvenation, Sonophoresis application of the ultrasound modality for product penetration, benefits and contraindications of all the modalities discussed, how to properly combine treatments and post-treatment care.