Expand your Horizon with Advanced Treatments

Aug 28th, 2018
Aug 28th, 2018
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North America
This class is for the professional who want to expand their service menu by offering their clients specialized face contouring and wrinkle treatments to increase circulation and provide better skin metabolism, toxins elimination, nutrition and oxygenation to their skin. Oxygenation is definitively what many treatments in esthetics addresses. Vacuodermie is the realization of a safe, healthy and happy alternative to surgery for face and body contouring needs. It is achieved by the use of measured suction levels, aided by various sized cups, allowing a specific action to occur within the underlying cutaneous surface. This suction forms a fold to the skin, without pinching, which gives access to a whole range of treatments. Modalities include: lymphatic drainage, non-invasive face lifting and face contouring.