Aromatherapy, Botanical Extract in Formulas

Apr 16th, 2018
Apr 16th, 2018
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North America
Modern Aromatherapy originated in France, and in the early 1900s, led to a sharp expansion in production. The use of the oils in medicine became subordinate to their uses in food, beverages and perfumes. Aromatherapy promotes physical and psychological health and a sense of spiritual well-being. Studies will emphasize: what is aromatherapy, physiological effects of aromatherapy, what are essential oils, plant chemistry, 5 steps process to obtain an essential oil, classification of essential oil molecules, esthetic aromatherapy, holistic aromatherapy, safety precautions for essential oils and essential oils to avoid on skin and contra-indications. An afternoon hands on demonstration will include: blending dilution of essential oils, carrier oils for aromatherapy treatments, aromatics for the esthetic practice, treatments with essential oils and essential oils in body treatments.