Pevonia Academy: Reading Between the Lines – What Your Skin is “Dying” to Tell You

Sep 10th, 2018
Sep 10th, 2018
Minneapolis, MN
Learn how to expertly identify skin imbalances, ease symptoms and prescribe skin treatments that correct, protect and maintain optimum skin health. Explore face zoning and how internal health reflects externally. You will understand the cause and effect of sensitive skin and will learn about a common skin disorder, rosacea. Acquired learning skills include face reading using a Face Zoning Chart, how to perform a thorough lifestyle analysis of the skin using visual tools; skin scanner and Wood’s lamp, how to identify the root cause of common skin imbalances and how alcohol, sugar, gluten and dairy can impact the skin and how to effectively recommend a home care regimen to extend the benefit of the treatment and watch your revenue climb. Interactive activity includes having your skin analyzed and take our Personal Health Assessment test to identify imbalances. Class includes a facial treatment demonstration.
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