Sensitive To Aging Skin Care Success With Hale & Hush Featuring The Micropeel Facial Demo

Apr 10th, 2017
Apr 10th, 2017
Join Kris Campbell, creator of Hale & Hush, for an in-depth product knowledge class. This class is a must for the skincare professional wanting to learn the science behind exciting new advanced cosmeceutical ingredients you have probably never heard of, cleverly crafted and combined to be gluten and fragrance free. Kris will explain how these advanced ingredients handle common to very challenging sensitive skin types. You will receive protocols that will benefit clients with sensitive or health-challenged skin with anti-aging to gluten intolerant clients. This sentence does not flow. Maybe a period after skin and cut the rest. Or find a way to add the anti-aging and gluten part. As a bonus, there will be a HALE and HUSH demonstration with diamond microdermabrasion, taught by micro peel visionary Danielle Wachowski. Danielle has traveled nationally speaking on the subject and training advanced clinical skincare professionals. Learn how to transform skin safely and effectively for a booming business using Hale & Hush products and microdermabrasion micro peel.
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