Aromatherapy, the Science- A 2-Day Course

Mar 11th, 2017
Mar 12th, 2017
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Modern aromatherapy originated in France and in the early 1900’s led to a sharp expansion in production, and use of the oils in medicine became subordinate to their uses in food beverages and perfumes. Aromatherapy promotes physical and psychological health, and a sense of spiritual well-being. In this class Professionals will learn: What is Aromatherapy; Physiological Effects of Aromatherapy; What are Essential Oils; Plant chemistry; Esthetic Aromatherapy; Holistic Aromatherapy; Safety precautions for Essential oils; Essential oils to avoid on skin; and Contra-indications Hands-on demonstration: Blending dilution of Essential oils; Carrier Oils for Aromatherapy Treatments; Aromatics for the Esthetic practice and Treatments with Essential Oils