LED, Light Emitting Diode in the field of Esthetic

Feb 8th, 2016
Feb 8th, 2016
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So many LED's and so little time. Learning 2 to 3 treatments ‘combination of with LED's. Microcurrent or Microdermabrasion or both. That is the question. This class will show you how the experts do it! Morning study will emphasize: • History of Light Emitting Diode • Learn the benefits of light therapy • Diversity in color and wavelength of LED • Precautions and safety in the utilization of LED • Related application upon skin type and condition • Marketing LED's in your facility Afternoon hands on demonstration: • Client consent form and explanation of the procedure • Choosing the right LED color for the right skin type & condition • Practical skin preparation and application • How to care for your equipment • Follow up protocols