State Board Preparation

Sep 28th, 2015
781 Northwest Blvd. Columbus Ohio 43212
State Board Preparation Have you always wanted to become a beauty Industry professional, but you struggle to pass the required exams? Allow Edgarenee' to assist you in preparation, packing and studying for your testing needs. Whether you are licensed and need assistance becoming familiar with Ohio's laws, rules and testing methods. If your native language creates an obstacle we will work with you to assist you passing the exam. Were you unsuccessful in your previous attempts to obtain licensure? Allow Edgarenee' to assist you in succeeding. (Must be a licensed professional /or a student with no less than 200 hours left to graduate to attend these training sessions.) Plan for success: One hour of review $35 Call to action: Two hours of review $70 Action plan: three hours of review $105 Pass: Four hours of review $140 Seven weeks of weekly one hour reviews and preparation $300 Call now to invest in you! 614-470-4415