Taking Microneedling to MicroChanneling

Jun 15th, 2015
Jun 15th, 2015
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In this class you will experience and give a newer modification of the microneedling technique that utilizes the microconduits created by the Microchanneling to simultaneously passively diffuse antiaging peptides or other topical agents like Hyaluronic Acid for hydration; Salicylic Acid with Lactic for Acne complexion; Bleaching with Kojic Acid and Azelaic to name a few. DermaFrac microchanneling combines pathways for infusion capability with topical solutions. This versatile system also features crystal-free microdermabrasion and LED therapy that are customizable for each individual patient’s skin condition. “DermaFrac is a unique device and a Epidermal microchanneling system that uses vacuum pressure and a handpiece with a tip that consists of a .25 and 0.3mm or 0.5mm needle lengths to create micro injuries in and around the epidermal dermal junction