Airbrush Makeup

Feb 23rd, 2012
Feb 23rd, 2012
Costa Mesa, CA, USA
Keep up with technology, improve your application skills, your speed and increase your day rate! The wave of the future is digital television. Because digital TV has a much higher resolution, attention to detail is imperative. Therefore, airbrush makeup is quickly becoming a basic staple in the industries of TV and film. Celebrities are requesting it and it is becoming more widely used for print work and bridal clients. Airbrush makeup has come a long way since Max Factor first airbrushed body makeup in 1929 on the extras in the movie "Noah's Ark." This course teaches the newest up-to-date airbrush techniques for all aspects of makeup application. Learn how to choose an airbrush that will give you the best results, and what brands of makeup work best for specific types of work. Flawless Foundation Application Facial Contours and Highlights Airbrush Tanning Body Makeup Temporary Tattoo’s Character Makeup Fantasy Makeup