Bronze Institute: Bronze, Silver, Gold

Dec 22nd, 2010
Dec 22nd, 2010
New York, NY, USA
New York
BRONZE: This beginners level workshop includes a look into the ingredients commonly used in spray tanning products, how and why spray tanning products work, hands-on basic tanning techniques, retail sales, tanning preparation and after care, equipment selection, equipment maintenance, and business development. SILVER: This intermediate level workshop available to students three months after they complete the Bronze level class, covers the art of body contouring and tan line erasing. Learn how to introduce these services to your clientele, and how to successfully market them. GOLD: This advanced level workshop available to students nine months after they complete the Silver level class, and annually thereafter is an advanced critique of the technicians skill. The technician will be required to demonstrate tanning techniques. Currently there are only four Gold Certified Tanning Technicians in the United States.