Celebrate Spring with Spavia's Limited-Time Thyme Eraser Spring Renewal Facial

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Spavia's Thyme Eraser Spring Renewal facial incorporates products from FarmHouse Fresh.
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Spavia has announced the new Thyme Eraser Spring Renewal facial to help clients say goodbye to dry winter skin. This limited-time facial incorporates a meticulously curated blend of FarmHouse Fresh products that exfoliate skin silky-smooth while targeting and balancing major concerns of dryness, fine lines and redness. The treatment is not recommended for sensitive skin.

The Thyme Eraser Spring Renewal facial is nutrient-packed with soothing antioxidant-rich greens and firming peptides to smooth, brighten and tighten skin. It incorporates a blend of premium, organic ingredients carefully chosen to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin, including Seaberry Fruit Oil, Vitamin C Coconut Milk and Green Tea Extract.

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The facial treatment begins with a gentle cleansing using the Make It Melt Silky Milk Cleansing Balm infused with FarmHouse Fresh Farmer-grown Lemon Balm Leaf Extract, followed by the application of the Pudding Apeel Tapioca + Rice Active Fruit Glycolic Mask to exfoliate and reveal smoother skin.

After the mask, a relaxing hand and arm massage, a nourishing lip treatment and expert extractions are performed. The treatment continues with the application of the Thyme Swipe Peel Pad containing FarmHouse Fresh Farmer-Grown Thyme Extract to refine and balance the skin, followed by a rejuvenating facial massage and a soothing neck massage with hot stones.

Deep nourishment is provided with the Matcha Purity Calm & Clear Purification Mask, followed by hydration and balancing with a serum and the Fields of Green Organic Matcha Ultra-Soothing moisturizer containing FarmHouse Fresh-grown alfalfa extract. Finally, delicate areas around the eyes receive moisturization and protection and the experience concludes with SPF protection and Jane Iredale flawless minerals.

“As we introduce the Thyme Eraser Spring Renewal Facial, we’re thrilled to offer an experience that allows everyone to achieve the ultimate spring glow,” said Jessica Hartman, director of spa services. “With its potent blend of advanced and organic ingredients, this facial promises to deliver next-level hydration, imparting a radiant, luminous complexion that's bound to be a fresh start to your skin this spring season.”

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