Be + Well by Mason Brings Wellness Turndown Service and Products to Spa Industry

Be + Well products
Be + Well by Mason is a luxurious line of wellness solutions.
Photo courtesy of Be + Well

Be + Well by Mason, a luxurious wellness line with internal and external body products that range from boosting immunity to keeping skin glowing.

The brand also offers a unique, custom turndown program, recently brought on board at Meritage Resort’s Spa Terra. Rather than a simple mint or chocolate on the pillow, “Say Hello to Good Night” by Be+Well includes with a melatonin sleep aid packaged in a one-dose sachet, placed on the pillow with an informative tent card. 

The new luxury line includes:

  • Be + Sweet Dreams: 2.5mg dissolvable melatonin supplements that can be taken before bedtime, especially for individuals who have difficulty sleeping. The added B6 may also help support a normal and consistent sleep cycle.
  • Be + Immune: Vitamin C 500mg tablets with rosehips and bioflavonoids, all important antioxidants that help support essential functions in the body. It also includes ingredients that help support immune health.
  • Be + Glow: Gelatin-free collagen gummies that taste like tropical fruit. They are formulated to help encourage the body's collagen levels and improve the appearance of the skin, along with bone and joint health.
  • Be + Detox: Apple cider vinegar gummies, also gelatin-free, are infused with ginger dry extract to help support weight management and overall health. These can be taken as part of an overall wellness plan that includes a balanced diet and regular fitness regimen.
  • Be + Soft Skin: A vitamin E body cream containing aloe vera in convenient snip-off capsules that keep ingredients fresh. This cream moisturizes, revitalizes, soothes and protects skin for a radiant look.

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