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Skin Care: Then and Now—Exfoliation

By: Lydia Sarfati
Posted: September 3, 2013, from the September 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Of course, glycolic peels, which come from fruit acid that occurs naturally in sugar cane, are also recommended. This peel is known to penetrate the surface layers of the skin to loosen the dry, thick skin that makes the complexion look aged and dull. Skin will look absolutely beautiful with a very low risk of irritation. Another element that makes the newer and more advanced peels so great is how quickly they work. If your client is in a time crunch but still wants a fantastic exfoliation, she can receive a chemical peel in about 15 minutes. With how fast-paced society has become, these treatments can be scheduled into any clients’ hectic schedule, and can be completed while they are on their lunch break.

A fantastic future

Although chemical exfoliation treatments have greatly progressed, it is still always important to protect and hydrate the skin after the procedure. A wonderful, hydrating seaweed facial mask is a great treatment to perform after a peel, followed by an application of a daytime protection cream. An SPF is also very important to prevent further damage. And, of course, always remember that more advanced treatments do not mean the chance of over-exfoliation has disappeared, so peeling, redness, irritation and blistering—among other side effects—are still possible if performed too often. Just be mindful of your clients’ exfoliation habits, and their skin will continue to improve when exfoliated correctly.

Exfoliation has come a long way since the days of mixing formulas from household items. I will always cherish and never forget the days I spent in the treatment room at the beginning of my career, and using exfoliation was a large part of that. Now, however, because formulations have made their way into laboratories, the beauty benefits that will be derived from the exfoliation systems of the future will be even more fantastic.

Lydia+SarfatiLydia Sarfati, president and founder of Repêchage, is an internationally recognized skin care expert quoted in Vogue, InStyle, Glamour and The New York Times, and she has been featured on CNN, CBS and Fox. Sarfati has more than 30 years of experience as an esthetician, spa owner, manufacturer and consultant.