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Global Skin: Climbing Your Client’s Family Tree

By: Michelle Goldsmith
Posted: July 30, 2013, from the August 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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• Clients with polar-region ancestry can usually tolerate stronger, more active formulations. However, be sure to determine whether or not these clients are prone to rosacea or vascular weakness before incorporating these treatments. This goes back to taking the time during the consultation to determine certain issues from which the client may be suffering.

• If unsure of ancestry or in the case of mixed heritage, lower-percentage, blended formulations are a great starting point.

• Because of their propensity toward PIH, equator-region skin types should also utilize low-percentage mixtures, with the addition of agents that inhibit melanogenesis.

A unique approach

Each and every client’s skin is unique to their hereditary background, lifestyle choices and product use. By incorporating the Global Heritage Model into your facility, you will be better able to create treatment plans as individual and unique as each client you treat.

Michelle+GoldsmithMichelle Goldsmith, a licensed esthetician, joined PCA Skin in 2003. She is a physician’s consultant, editorial liaison and educator. She also speaks at medical and esthetic meetings throughout the country, and mentors and trains physicians, skin care professionals and students.