Environ® Celebrates Powerhouse Booster Super Moisturiser 10th Anniversary

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Super Moisturiser’s decade long track record in professional skin care is a testament to Environ’s commitment to product performance excellence. Over the past ten years, Super Moisturiser has played an integral role in garnering a loyal following of consumers and skin care professionals who have experienced this product’s extraordinary benefits firsthand.

Super Moisturiser is a powerhouse booster that works to improve the skin’s soft, smooth, and supple appearance, enhancing its overall healthy-looking glow. This intelligent formulation makes a rapid, visible difference to skin that appears or feels tight, dehydrated, rough, flaky or irritated as a result of (amongst other factors) a weakened skin barrier.

The Enhanced Super Moisturiser is a Powerful Moisture Modulator

Super Moisturiser is a fast absorbing, luxurious cream that contains a variety of dynamic moisturizers, emollients, and humectants (an intelligent complex of skin moisturizing components), plus potent vitamins and antioxidants. With additional moisturizing ingredients and significantly less micro plastics, the enhanced Super Moisturiser formulation has maintained its powerhouse benefits:

  • Rapidly and intensively replenishes optimal hydration levels in the skin
  • Prevents trans-epidermal water loss
  • Supports and maintains a healthy skin barrier function
  • Boosts defense against environmental stressors and free radical damage

Clinically Tested & Dermatologically Tested

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Extensive independent clinical evaluation studies were carried out on 22 volunteers to assess sensorial and efficacy similarities between the two formulations.

Clinical Evaluation of Hydration Efficacy

With just one application, the enhanced Super Moisturiser formulation is clinically proven to1:

  • double skin hydration after eight hours
  • increase skin hydration for up to 24 hours
  • deliver lasting moisturizing effects for up to 72 hours

After 30 days, Super Moisturiser is proven to support the skin barrier function and retention of moisture substantiated with a 14% decrease in trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) with continued use2.

Clinical Comparative Study

The enhanced Super Moisturiser is clinically proven to be comparable or better than its predecessor. This product scored 100% in the Consumer Evaluation study for ease of application, fast absorption and pleasant texture (10% advancement in the latter two categories)3

Anniversary Edition Super-Size Super Moisturiser 100ml.

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In celebration of Super Moisturiser’s ten-year milestone, Environ is releasing an Anniversary Edition Super-Size 100 ml version of the product – effectively double the normal volume and priced equal to the recommended retail selling price of the standard 50 ml product. The extraordinary value of this generous size presents loyal Super Moisturiser clients with an opportunity to enjoy the multiple skin benefits of their favored super hydration booster and a significant saving.

Super Moisturiser 100ml Super-Size will be available at participating Environ Stockists from January 22, 2024 while promotional stocks last.

To learn more about Environ® Skin Care and how to become a stockist, please contact DermaConcepts at [email protected] or 877-337-6227.


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