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Lighten Up–The Natural Way!

By: Natalie Pergar
Posted: May 30, 2014, from the June 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Lighten Up–The Natural Way!

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Licorice extract. Licorice extract is shown to be an effective and potent skin-lightener that contains liquiritin and glabridin, which disrupt melanin synthesis of the skin and, in turn, decrease the signs of hyperpigmentation. Reducing inflammation can also impact the appearance of hyperpigmentation; because of this, the anti-inflammatory properties of licorice extract also work to tackle the skin condition.

Tara tree and African potato. The combination of these two ingredients decreases melanin synthesis by reducing tyrosinase activity, as well as inhibiting the development of tyrosinase. With high antioxidant activity, this powerful combination can effectively reduce hyperpigmentation naturally.

Peels and hyperpigmentation

Another way to target hyperpigmentation is through stimulating peel treatments. Drawing upon the added benefits of using natural and organic products, ideally any peel you choose will be naturally derived with botanically sourced acids. Peels can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation through deep exfoliation that removes the layers of the skin to initiate clearer, smoother complexions with a more even tone. The regenerated skin after the peel can show reduced signs of blemishes and dark spots because of the removal of melanin-containing corneocytes. Some acids, often present in peels, are also effective in treating hyperpigmentation in other ways. For example, lactic acid has also been shown to inhibit the formation of tyrosinase to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. All in all, peels can offer a slightly different-yet-effective approach for addressing hyperpigmentation.

Patience and persistence

Patience is the key with natural hydroquinone alternatives. Nature’s alternatives can rival hydroquinone and results will come, but they take dedication and diligence. DNA will always play a factor and, once the damage has already occurred, the skin can regress and reproduce the signs of hyperpigmentation. To overcome hyperpigmentation naturally, it is imperative to maintain a strict skin care routine that incorporates these natural skin-lighteners.

Due to the nature and many causes of hyperpigmentation, the condition cannot always be prevented. However, when it is caused by UV exposure, it absolutely can be avoided. Protecting the skin from UV rays with SPF products will reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by sun exposure. It is essential to use sun protection in your daily skin care routine for a number of reasons and avoidance against unwanted hyperpigmentation is certainly one of them. The good news is that you really can lighten up—the natural way!