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[mini webcast] Compromised Skin – Retail Rescue!

June 9, 2021 at 12:00 PM CDT

Do you know the difference between sensitive and sensitized skin? Many clients today complain about sensitive skin and may not know the products they are using are leading to these sensitivities. Discover key ingredients and formulas that help strengthen the dermis, rebuild the epidermis and restore lipids and hydration. Reducing sensitivities and creating a stronger, healthier skin!


[webcast] Acne Vulgaris: Causes and Treatments

May 20, 2021 at 1:00 PM CDT

A professional review on one of the most common skin conditions that affects a wide range of population.


[mini webcast] Compromised Skin – Treatment Room Approach

May 12, 2021 at 12:00 PM CDT

Do you know the difference between sensitive and sensitized skin? Many clients today complain about sensitive skin and some are cautious of receiving treatments. Learn how to identify the causes to their sensitivities, along with key ingredients and products that reduce inflammation, sensitivities, rebuild the barrier, and strengthen the integrity of the skin.


[mini-webcast] Designing the Male Facial

March 10, 2021 at 12:00 PM CST

We know that men make up nearly half of all spa clientele, but how are their treatments different? At Face Body Southeast, Esthetics Council founder and industry veteran Susanne Schmaling dove into this question in her Advanced Education class on creating a male facial. She discussed the differences to keep in mind when it comes to reaching out and treating male clients. In this video, you can see Schmaling review the difference, go through a demonstration on a bearded man and offer suggestions for reaching this clientele and communicating with them.


On-Demand Webcasts

[webcast] The Science of Skin

The body has always been considered a set of independent functional elements. Through research, it has been proven that the body is now considered a living and continuous matter. We will demonstrate how continuity between the skin, subcutaneous tissues, blood vessels, tendons, muscles, etc. are interconnected by connective tissue. We will then demonstrate how the icoone Roboderm technology enhances our natural processes to tone, aspirate, drain and contour the silhouette.


[mini webcast] Compromised Skin - Sensitized by Topicals

Do you know the difference between sensitive and sensitized skin? Many clients today complain about sensitive skin, but their skin has been sensitized by using inferior products or overusing strong topicals, resulting in a compromised barrier. Discover the function of the barrier, identifying how ingredients can impact the skin and recognizing a compromised barrier.


[webcast] Teen Acne – Do You Need a Prescription?

Are you seeing an increase in teen acne in your practice? Learn the approach to addressing teen acne that keeps them from prescription topicals and harsh medications. Discover the culprits that exacerbate acne in teenagers, the philosophy to see transformational results, key ingredients that are a MUST in formulations, how to reduce the risk of scarring and a plan of action!


[webcast] Cutting through the Noise – Facts, Fiction, Myths and Misconceptions of Safe Disinfection

It seems like everywhere we look; we are bombarded with equal parts information and misinformation when it comes to our health. Cleaning and disinfection are no different, with new products constantly popping up and being touted as the silver bullet in our fight against infection.


[webcast] Skin Physiology: A Deep Dive Through The Layers Of Skin

To make significant improvements in the skin through topical application of products requires a thorough understanding of the cells and systems that make up the largest organ of the body. Having an in-depth knowledge of the layers of the skin and the cells that make them specialists in protecting the body is key to choosing the correct skin care ingredients.


[mini-webcast] The 6 steps of a cryo-eye contour treatment with face mask

Join Sothys to learn about the new trendy cryo-eye contour treatment. The program includes retail and professional products that can be performed with face covering. The Sothys advanced research developed a targeted treatment to protect the delicate skin around the eye area from daily aggressions and the damaging effects of blue light exposure.


[webcast] Skin Rehab: The Science Behind Healing Traumatized Skin

When skin is traumatized it can open the door to disease and other issues like dryness, accelerated aging, acne, increased sensitivity and atopic dermatitis. The skin’s ability to regulate hydration, desquamation and other cellular functions is also compromised. But what constitutes traumatized skin? And more importantly, once identified, how do you effectively restore it to optimal health?


[webcast] Back to School Skin Protection for Mask Wearers

With the return to ,of many children, teens, adolescents and adults we need to be prepared to deal with the possibility of irritation and breakouts due to the requirements of masks being worn for long periods of time. Learn Environ’s approach to help defendyourbeautiful.


[mini-webcast] 3 Steps to Perfect Brows

Now that masks are required in most states, the eyes truly have become the focus of the face. Although some of our facial treatments are off the menu for now, boost your revenue and retail by becoming your clients brow expert. In this mini-webcast, we learn from brow expert Kayla Parks how to create perfect eyebrows for your clients by filling, defining and highlighting. Parks goes through all the steps you need including how to brow map your client and how to adjust your brow art. Finish and style your clients after any brow service with this upgrade.


[mini-webcast] Travel to Indonesia with Sothys

Learn how you can transport your clients to Indonesia whether they are at home or in the treatment room. Take a journey to stunning landscapes, white sandy beaches, lush forests, and Hindu temples. It is time to indulge in a little escapism. • Travel to Indonesia • Signature treatment – it is a wholistic ritual • Home products – For every time you need an escape


[webcast] Probiotic Skin Care: A New Paradigm for Healing and Protecting Skin

Join Columbia SkinCare in this webcast over the brief history of the study of probiotics. It will bring skin care professionals up-to-date on the technology and inherent benefits of incorporating probiotic treatments into a skin care regimen. Dive in as Steven Rosenfield, CEO of the F.C. Sturtevant Company discusses the microbiome – what it is and how it impacts health. This webcast is one not to miss as it will also offer specific treatment options and discuss the distinction between probiotic products in their formulation, safety use, and efficacy.


[mini-webcast] Rosacea Rescue: Peels and Corrective Facials

It’s estimated there are more than 45 million rosacea cases globally. This is among both men and women, and with each as unique as the person it impacts. Rosacea is one skin challenge that truly requires a personalized approach. So how do you treat rosacea skin in the treatment room and help restore the skin’s strength and vitality without overstimulating it? Join us in this mini-webcast to discover the answers to that question.


[mini-webcast] Rosacea Rescue: Key Ingredients to Strengthen Skin

There may not be a known cure for rosacea, but it is possible to make an impact and slow down its progression in the skin. It requires a personalized approach and the right mix of ingredients to reduce redness, bacteria and inflammation, while simultaneously strengthening skin from within. Recommendation on what ingredients you should incorporate into your rosacea treatments and home care systems.


[mini-webcast] Rosacea Rescue: Triggers and Theories

Rosacea is a pervasive issue impacting more than 16 million Americans. Still, it’s one of the most challenging to diagnose and effectively treat. Part of the reason is there are many theories around what causes rosacea, however much of the research points to internal, systemic issues. There are also several common triggers that may aggravate rosacea in one skin, but not in another.


[webcast] Environ’s unique Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ is simply A-mazing!

In this webcast learn about the cornerstone ingredient that sets Environ apart: Vitamin A. In addition, learn about Environs unique selling points of the Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ and how this benefits your clients skin.