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[Webcast] Go Spotless! New Advances in Treating Hyperpigmentation

August 20, 2018 at 12:00 PM CDT

80 of the U.S. population are affected by hyperpigmentation. This free webcast will help you understand and identify the right treatment option for a superior outcome.


On-Demand Webcasts

[Webcast] Hormonal Acne–What You Need to Know to Successfully Treat It

Hormones are chemical messengers that regulate almost every aspect of the human body including the maturation of the oil glands in our skin. It is when oil glands mature that they develop the capacity to become acne lesions. While everyone has hormonal fluctuations, not everyone experiences acne. Why is this?


[Webcast} Melanogenesis – Save Our Sun Damaged Skin

A free webcast to learn how to improve the appearance of your clients’ sun-damaged, uneven skin tone. Learn about the science of melanogenesis. If you are an esthetician, medical professional, physician or med spa owner you need to attend this webcast.


[Webcast] Rejuvenating with Acids

When it comes to peels, there’s a lot of trepidation around performing them and receiving them. This Free Webcast will answer what acids work best with which skin types, how can you boost the efficacy of acids and how do you ensure a safe peel treatment!


[Webcast] The Anti-Pollution Paradigm: Understanding the Next Generation in Skin Care

Pollution is affecting our bodies with a growing impact. When we think about pollution, we tend to imagine polluted air that reaches our lungs; however, being the largest organ of our body, the skin is a major target for daily urban pollutants. In this webcast you will learn about the various ingredients and their combinations in protecting our skin from the potentially harmful effects of daily pollution.


[Webcast] The 3 Keys to Acne Management

Acne is one of the most common skin issues. It remains one of the most challenging to correct. This webcast will provide you with the three keys of effective acne treatment. Discover the cause of acne and factors that contribute to its persistence. Plus, learn how to identify the different types of acne.


[Webcast} Holistic Skin Mapping

Provide real answers and amazing results to your clients, through face mapping. Identify virtually every lesion on the face! Learn to diagnose and design targeted treatments that address the source of most skin conditions.


[Webcast] Improve Skin Tone and Texture using Carboxy Therapy

Learn about new developments in the use of carbon dioxide as a delivery system for topical serums. A new treatment called CooLifting will be highlighted during the webcast.


[Webcast] Concepts of Aging: How to ‘Minus 10’ from the Skin’s Appearance

What causes the skin to age? Everything we put into and on our bodies, along with environment, stress levels and sleeping patterns have an impact on the appearance and health of the skin. This webcast covers ways to combat their effects ––and it includes using the right ingredients and educating clients about how lifestyle impacts the skin.


Deciphering Light Therapy for Todays Esthetician

The hottest trend for estheticians! Discover how light therapy can instantly boost results and sales! This webcast will dispel the myths surrounding light therapy and make it easy for you to integrate it into your treatment room today!


Making Money with Masks

Retail mask sales are expected to reach $337 million in just 5 years! Learn how masks can bring extra value to your facial treatments and how they can skyrocket your sales revenue.


Tis the Season to Peel

Fall and winter are the ideal times of year to peel back the signs of skin damage and aging. With clients wanting to achieve that “holiday glow” and the toll summer takes on the skin, learn how to utilize the right enzymes and acids to find the perfect protocol combination for every client you see.


[Webcast] No Physicians, No Prescriptions: Just Clear Acne Clients

Learn the secrets to successfully treating acne with a higher success rate and safer alternatives than the medical community. Laura Cooksey will lead you down the path to treating your clients with multiple grades of acne all the way to clear.


[Webcast] Acne Myths Debunked: 5 Truths That Will Change Your Approach Forever

Forget everything you might have known about acne; there is a new paradigm. In The 5 Myths of Acne, Ben Johnson M.D. discusses all the latest research in acne and explains why it has been such a challenging problem to face.


LightStim LED: A Holistic Approach to Skin Fitness

Like good health, “fit” skin is not achieved with any one treatment. Learn about the foundational benefits of LED as part of a successful integrative treatment plan.


Compromised Barrier Repair: How to Resuscitate Your Skin

The skins barrier serves a vital function, providing protection from skin-damaging culprits. However, this all-important barrier can easily become compromised. How do you identify a compromised barrier? Who should attend: Spa owners, aesthetic professionals


Treating Melanin in the New Millenium

This webcast will uncover common triggers and lifestyle factors that influence a pigmentary response in the skin, initiating your clients stubborn pigmentation concerns.