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A Natural Difference

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Products from A Natural Difference

    A Natural Difference Skincare’s Primary Facial Primer

    Primary Facial Primer is formulated for all skin types and features a silicone-free formula that seals in skin care products and magnifies the intensity of creams, serums and gels. 

    A Natural Difference’s Clarifying Serum

    Clarifying Serum with Azelaic helps accelerate cellular activity and provide fast, visible results for acneic and hyperpigmented skin. 

    A Natural Difference Skincare's Anti-Radical Scrub

    Anti-Radical Scrub exfoliates the skin on the face and body while delivering antioxidants and natural minerals to it.

    A Natural Difference Skin Care's Retinoxyl Elixir

    Retinoxyl Elixir with Retinaldehyde penetrates the skin to reduce irritation while also helping with anti-aging, skin brightening and rosacea control. 

    A Natural Difference’s Firm & Lift Serum

    This Firm & Lift Serum provides the user with the appearance of smooth and firm skin after application. The four active ingredients provide a moisturizing effect on the skin that leaves it looking healthier than before.

A Natural Difference Bio

For over 25 years, A Natural Difference has delivered skin care products that use the purest ingredients in nature to deliver cutting-edge formulations. The entire line is based on natural essences and extracts combined with the modern marvels of science. Through careful research, company founder Christine Cowheard has overseen the development, testing and refinement of a product line that is continually breaking ground with new skin care formulations that are, perhaps, some of the most respected in the industry. 

All elements of A Natural Difference’s line work in harmony with one another. Used together, they help the skin achieve a natural balance and help clients recapture a healthy and youthful appearance. The company’s regimen of therapies act in unison to deliver high dosages of vitamins and minerals, along with immune enhancing, toning, firming, hydrating and lifting ingredients. 

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