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TiZO by Fallene

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TiZO is an innovative, professional line of mineral skin treatments, and sun protection products. Since 1989, TiZO products have been developed under pharmaceutical standards yet provide uncompromised aesthetic elegance. The collection includes TiZO PHOTOCEUTICALS, featuring SKIN FIRM TECHNOLOGY -4 great formulas to help reverse the visible signs of sun accelerated aging all day and night as well as TiZO mineral based sun protection products for face and body. All products are not only focused on medically photosensitive individuals, but by those who are concerned about maintaining and enhancing the skin’s natural beauty and health.

Products from TiZO by Fallene

TIZO's Sheer Botanicals SPF 45

Sheer Botanicals SPF 45 is a reef-safe sunscreen that uses titanium dixoide and zinc oxide to protect the skin from UV rays.