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Matis Paris

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Founded in 1936, in Paris by Dr. Mayromati, a chemist in cosmetology, Matis Paris has retained its visionary spirit with bold formulas based on the latest scientific advances in medicine, molecular biology, cell biology, skin biology and biometrology. Matis Skincare is a collection of various products for different skin concerns and different skin types. Matis Paris also provides a complete line for spa treatments by professionals or in-home users. Matis Beauty Expert, a world renowned European brand, is acclaimed in more than 70 countries. The substantial products offered include patented formulas, and with outstanding results, this French brand helps spas to stand out from the rest.

Products from Matis Paris

Matis Paris' Lift Performance Care Cream

Lift Performance Care Cream lifts, sculpts and firms the skin on the face, neck and decollete for a sculpted look.

Matis Paris' Sculpt Silhouette

Sculpt Silhouette firms and tones the skin for a smoother appearance that is less dimpled and visibly redefined.

Matis Paris' Shimmering Dry Oil

Shimmering Dry Oil provides a light sheen to the skin while softening and nourishing it.

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