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Janssen Cosmetics GmbH

Phone: 877-552-6739

Products from Janssen Cosmetics GmbH

    Janssen Cosmetics' Epigenetic Serum

    Epigenetic Serum keeps the skin cells younger for longer while reducing dryness wrinkles and providing moisture to the skin for a more youthful complexion.

    Janssen Cosmetics' Ampoule Anti-Wrinkle Booster

    Ampoule Anti-Wrinkle Booster reduces the appearance of expression lines and dry skin to provide a smoother, more youthful appearance. 

    Janssen Cosmetics Wellness & Spa Line

    The Wellness & Spa Line is designed to pamper the skin from head to toe. This accumulation of products helps to rejuvenate and regenerate tired and worn down skin.

    JANSSEN COSMETICS’ 20th Anniversary Ampoule Booster Collection

    The 20th Anniversary Booster Collection features the Moisture Booster, Energy Booster and Contour Booster for various skin concerns.

    Janssen Cosmetics’ Platinum Care - Effect Serum

    The Platinum Care - Effect Serum uses colloidal platinum to rejuvenate the skin and reduce visible signs of aging while imperata cylindrica root extract supplies the skin with moisture for 24 hours. 


    PLATINUM CARE is a skin care collection developed utilizing the raw material, platinum in combination with other ingredients to benefit aging skin. The Day Cream, Night Cream, Effect Serum and Eye Cream all hold anti-aging properties.

Janssen Cosmetics GmbH Bio

Since 1990, Walther Janssen, together with his wife Elka, has consistently worked toward developing a skin care system which is based on multiple, highly effective and efficient active substances. The challenge was to achieve verifiable results and therefore contribute towards improving the skin profile. With his first care product range, WHITE SECRETS, he traveled to Asia and presented the first cosmeceutical series on a small folding table. The product series for light skin quickly took off, causing Janssen Cosmeceutical‘s reputation to spread quickly.

Since 1995, the care product range has accordingly been named JANSSEN COSMECEUTICAL. Demand for further care product series for specific skin types was not long in emerging. Over the years, care product series with special active substances for the various skin types were developed to enable beauticians to provide their customers with individual treatment and therefore help them to achieve particularly successful effects.