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Janssen Cosmetics GmbH

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Since 1990, Walther Janssen, together with his wife Elka, has consistently worked toward developing a skin care system which is based on multiple, highly effective and efficient active substances. The challenge was to achieve verifiable results and therefore contribute towards improving the skin profile. With his first care product range, WHITE SECRETS, he traveled to Asia and presented the first cosmeceutical series on a small folding table. The product series for light skin quickly took off, causing Janssen Cosmeceutical‘s reputation to spread quickly.

Since 1995, the care product range has accordingly been named JANSSEN COSMECEUTICAL. Demand for further care product series for specific skin types was not long in emerging. Over the years, care product series with special active substances for the various skin types were developed to enable beauticians to provide their customers with individual treatment and therefore help them to achieve particularly successful effects.

Products from Janssen Cosmetics GmbH

Janssen Cosmetics' Summer Breeze Cleansing Mousse

Summer Breeze Cleansing Mousse works to rejuvenate the skin while removing impurities like makeup, dirt and excess oil from the skin. 

Janssen Cosmetics' Men's Collection

Men's Collection includes a purifying wash and shave, hydro gel, undereye roller ball and skin energizer to help moisturize, soothe, cleanse and refresh men's skin.

Janssen Cosmetics' Caviar Luxury Cream

Caviar Luxury Cream uses caviar extract to provide the skin with anti-aging properties while also activating the skins regeneration process.