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Comfort Zone

Phone: 212-924-2454

Products from Comfort Zone

    Comfort Zone’s Sublime Skin Lift-Mask

    Sublime Skin Lift-Mask is formulated with tapioca starch and macro hyaluronic acid to firm the skin without the need to rinse off. 

    Comfort Zone’s Sublime Skin Essence

    Sublime Skin Essence provides immediate moisturization to the skin while replenishing skin and smoothing wrinkles with NMF complex and tripeptide-1. 

    Comfort Zone’s Essential Mascara

    Essential Mascara is formulated with 67% natural-origin ingredients and provides a natural, defined appearance without clumping. 

    [ comfort zone ]’s Tranquillity

    Tranquillity is a six-product line, which uses aromatherapy to reduce stress and rebalance both the body and the mind. Each product is catered to nourish the skin naturally and provide the user with a relaxing experience.

    [comfort zone] HYDRAMEMORY MASK

    The HYDRAMEMORY MASK helps distribute proper moisturization across the skin through science based formulas that restore, plump and brighten the skin. This product provides moisturization for 24 hours and strengthens the skin's barrier, while enhancing the hydration systems.

    [comfort zone] Hydramemory Serum

    Hydramemory Serum is formulated for intensive moisture, leaving skin visibly more hydrated, fresh and bright. The ultra-light texture gives skin a fresh sensation.


Comfort Zone Bio

[ comfort zone ] is a Made in Italy Spa Brand by the Davines Group. Created in 1996, today successfully distributed in the five continents. The result-oriented, integrated approach includes innovative face and body solutions and lifestyle recommendations for timeless beauty. 

Dr. Davide Bollati, pharmacist and founder, guides the R&D with the support of a multidisciplinary Scientific Committee. The exclusive “Science-based Conscious Formulas™” ensures the products maximum performance and safety. Rich in natural-origin ingredients (up to 99%), they are free from silicones, parabens, animal derivatives. Recently certified as a B Corporation®, [ comfort zone ] is strongly committed to an ethical, sustainable business approach. 

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