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CA Botana

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As the industry leader in the research, development, and manufacture of natural skin care
products, San Diego-based CA BOTANA International has been creating formulas featuring
botanical, renewable ingredients for over 40 years. Pioneers of the “science + nature” approach,
CA BOTANA incorporates their nature-loving philosophy by using plant and sea extracts
formulated with the latest technology. By studying the effects of nature’s bounty in combination
with the latest skin care innovations, CA BOTANA has created a trusted, widely recognized line of

Products from CA Botana

Doctor D. Schwab’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask contains pumpkin puree, pumpkin seed extract and pumpkin enzyme ferment in addition to antioxidants to hydrate and correct hyperpigmentation. 

Doctor D. Schwab Clinical’s Alpha Prho-LE Enhancing Serum

The Alpha Prho-LE Enhancing Serum helps skin recover from treatments with chemical peels, microdermabrasian and plastic surgery. This serum’s three-phase rejuvenation process supports post-procedure skin repair and enhances results with preventing and reversing environmental damage.

Doctor D. Schwab’s Clinical Weh Weh Natural Relief Cream

Clinical Weh Weh Natural Relief Cream combines hemp seed oil, arnica extract and geranium oil to soothe skin discomfort.