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For Bioline, alternation and diversification are two founding principles since beauty needs new and diverse stimulus. If it gets accustomed to the treatment it loses effectiveness over time. The product and manual method are two sides of the same coin because the success of a treatment is inextricably linked to the skill of the hands that performed it.

On these pillars, Bioline has raised a safe fortress were Beauty is resplendent, protected from everything that can disturb its health and happiness. It is a solid stronghold because it is built with incredibly powerful elements:

  • A complete range of professional treatments for beauty professionals combined with exclusive manual application methods that call for specific massage protocols;
  • Homecare product lines for the face and body able to satisfy every kind of need and skin type with more than 150 products, distributed through beauty salons in more than 45 countries around the world.

This is Bioline Jatò!

Products from Bioline-Jatò

Bioline-Jato's De-Sense Instant Relief

De-Sense Instant Relief helps to create a more radiant and even-looking complexion by increasing the skin's tolerability and external aggressions. 

Bioline-Jato's Age Beauty Secret the Cream

Age Beauty Secret the Cream has an ultra-rich texture, and it works to fight against the signs of aging while providing a radiant complexion.

Bioline-Jato's De-Sense Instant Relief Home Care Collection

De-Sense Instant Relief Home Care Collection works to reduce the signs and appearance of hypersensitivity in the skin.