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Imagine you are embarking upon a journey. A journey few have assumed, but even fewer have immersed into fully. Picture yourself on an expedition through France, without a final destination and laden with ever-captivating scenery of gardens upon gardens of blossoming Provence lavender and crystal blue Ardèche streams each more beautiful than the last. At some point, rolling hills and carefully tended farmland give way to sharp Bretagne clifftops overlooking a penetrating, vast ocean. This is a journey where the vitality of each living organism is ethereal, carefully preserved and maintained by nature in its purest form. Imagine you are taking a journey through discovery, innovation, and the French enlightenment. A journey where time is limitless and space knows no confine. This is the story of BelleCôte.

For over ninety years of combined experience, this evolving laboratory in the South of France has been a storybook tale in the making. The revolution began in the South of France three generations ago by a family-owned laboratory exploring the compounds of ingredients naturally occurring in marine plants. These innovators were on a unified pursuit to passionately search and extract healing properties found in these plants. After years of meticulous testing and experimentation the breakthrough finally came! Marine origin Botoxal, Marine Peptide, and bioactive Marine ingredients from rare algae were discovered!

Scientists were thrilled and fascinated by the endless possibilities and natural emollient healing abilities of the sea. Vitamins and exotic oils such as Manoi and Argan Oils from Polynesia along with Perilla and Macadamia Oils from Hawaii were added to amplify anti-aging effects. In addition, powerful active seaweed-based ingredients such as Marine Collagen and Elastin with Marine Peptide combine with phyto-hormones in certain specific formulations, intensifying results. Alas, a new generation of scientists succeeded in combining these potent sea-born ingredients to achieve relevant skincare results.

Products from BelleCôte Paris

BelleCote Paris' BellEye with Arctic Micro-Algae

BellEye With Arctic Micro-Algae helps to fight the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, and it helps to fortify the skin's resilience. 

BelleCote Paris' Ultra Lifting Day Cream with Caviar Extract

Ultra Lifting Day Cream with Caviar Extract firms and moisturizes the skin while boosting radiance and reducing pore appearance. 

BelleCote Paris' DNA Caviar Regenerating Mask

DNA Caviar Regenerating Mask uses marine peptides and caviar extract to improve elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on aging skin.