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ABI Skin Care believes that beautiful, healthy skin starts with effective skin care practices in the clinical setting as well as at home. ABI skin care regimens were created with this philosophy in mind, offering easy to implement protocols for a total inside and outside approach to skin care.

As we age, our skin begins to change. For many individuals, we start to experience acne and other skin issues for the very first time. We also start to battle the effects of aging – fine lines and wrinkles appear, color diminishes, and the skins overall appearance becomes sluggish and splotchy.

To address the many needs of our ever changing skin, ABI Dermaceuticals has developed several exclusive Power Pure formulations. This Power Pure technology ensures our scientifically developed light based skin care products contain the highest recommended level of specific active ingredients while banning questionable ingredients from our formulations.


Products from ABI Dermaceuticals

Abi Dermaceuticals’ Platinum C Pro-Collagen Skin Care System

Platinum C Pro-Collagen Skin Care System provides antioxidant protection, while helping to maintain a youthful complexion. 

ABI Dermaceuticals’ Hydrogen Silk Cream

Hydrogen Silk Cream helps reduce inflammation and oxidative stress with a combination of TEGO Pep 4-17 and medical-grade hyaluronic acid. 

ABI Dermaceuticals’ Green Apple Stem Cell Mask

The gel-based Green Apple Stem Cell Mask helps guard against oxidative and environmental stressors.