Kombucha Transfers from Tea to Skin for a Brightening Effect

It is important to know about up and coming personal care ingredients, so you are able to best answer potential client questions and know what works and what doesn't.

Kombucha, a popular ingredient in teas and energy drinks, may be making its way into the personal care arena. In the fourth quarter 2009 Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce, Inc. Newsletter, Jeanine Pedersen of Takasago International and Amy Marks-McGee of Trendincite LLC note that kombucha will become mainstream and appear in upscale skin care products.

Kombucha has origins in traditional Chinese medicine and 19th century Russia and according to the authors, it is made "by fermenting a mixture of bacteria and yeast cultures." The live culture is incorporated into teas and energy drinks to help with weight loss, increase vitality and create a sense of well-being.

The authors also report that kombucha may make the skin glow, adding that the ingredient is found in European and Chinese skin care products with brightening and shine claims. The ingredient has been found in some US skin care products, recently in Skyn Iceland's Arctic Brightening Serum. In the serum, kombucha is said to be "a natural ingredient well-known for its brightening properties" that "helps to reduce sallow undertones in the skin."

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