How Lemon Can Solve Client's Skin Concerns

lemon skin care tip

Fruit has been a key skin care ingredient due to the benefits it can have: grape seed oil offers protection for the skin's barrier, pineapple can be an anti-inflammatory and watermelon can provide hydration and moisture. 

Now, lemon is getting the spotlight due to skin concerns that fruit can solve, according to PinkVilla. These treatments can be done at home with minimal ingredients. 

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Lemons contain antioxidants and vitamin C and have antimicrobial properties, all of which can help clarify the skin and treat pigmentation.

The antimicrobial aspect is the main reason a lemon can treat issues like acne and can be used to detox the skin. This will help to control oils and tighten pores. 

For pigmentation, lemons have a natural bleaching property that can help even out skin tones.  

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