3 Ingredients For Boosting Lash and Brow Health

3 Ingredients For Boosting Lash and Brow Health
Educating yourself on the proper products and ingredients is key to helping your clients achieve their lash and brow goals.
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When it comes to treating the skin, hair health can often be forgotten about, but being knowledgeable on lash, brow and scalp health can elevate your services to the next level for your clients. There are a myriad of treatments that can lead to clients asking questions about improving their lash and brow health including eyebrow waxing, lash lifts, lash extensions, microblading, brow lamination, lash tinting and many more.

Educating yourself on the proper products and ingredients is key to helping your clients achieve their lash and brow goals. RapidLash®, a pioneer in lash and brow innovations, is one such brand that has products from lash serums, to mascara, to brow serums and beyond that are all formulated with vital ingredients crucial to maintaining hair health. To understand, what ingredients to turn to, it’s important to understand what could be causing your client’s brittle or sparse brows and lashes.Rocasuba Beforeafter 850x425

Hair Damage Causes

When clients are experiencing brittle or thin hair in the lashes and brows, there are a lot of contributing factors that can be accounted for. For example, a lot of women experience lash loss after pregnancy, and many clients notice their lash health begins to falter after having lash extensions for an extended period of time. “As a board-certified dermatologist, I actually do not encourage my patients to get lash extensions, primarily because frequent applications and removal of the extensions can result in loss of lashes over time,” said Lian A. Mack, MD, board certified dermatologist.

Modern day factors that can contribute to more brittle hair include environmental and light pollution. “While there are no studies looking at pollutants and their effect on the hair, many theorize that pollutants affect the hair follicle and growth of the hair negatively in a manner similar to the other cells of the body. One theory suggests that pollutants directly attack the proteins that hair is made of, causing hair loss and decreased growth,” said Dr. Mack.

No matter what is causing the frail hair, knowing the ingredients and products that can help will make a world of difference.

Ingredient 1: Biotin

Found in RapidLash®, RapidBrow®, RapidGlam™ and RapidShield®, biotin is definitely a major contributor for lash and brow hair support. This ingredient is an essential factor in maintaining the look of healthier, youthful lashes and brows.

“B based vitamins like pro-vitamin B7, vitamin B5, B6 and B12 are important for stronger, healthier lashes. Lash serums enhance the hair by keeping the hairs in the anagen phase of the hair cycle longer,” shared Dr. Mack.

Ingredient 2: Polypeptides

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Featured in the iconic RapidLash® and RapidBrow® serums, polypeptides are comprised of a beneficial blend of amino acids that help to support the youthful appearance of brows and lashes. RapidLash® and RapidBrow® are designed to enhance the appearance of lashes and brows, respectively.

“When looking at key ingredients for a lash or brow product, look for the following polypeptides and vitamin B derived molecules. One of my favorite lash serums by RapidLash® contains polypeptides, Panthenol (a B5 derivative), amino acids, soybean oil and pumpkin seed extract. These ingredients, combined result in longer-looking, healthier appearing lashes with a one-time nightly application in as little as eight weeks,” said Dr. Mack.

Ingredient 3: Panthenol

Just as Dr. Mack mentioned above, Panthenol (a B5 derivative) is another great ingredient to look for when it comes to hydrating brows and lashes. When used in RapidLash®, panthenol helps to coat the lashes to seal in moisture and nourishment to help prevent breakage.

Meanwhile, when used in RapidGlam™, the world’s first mascserum as a primer, mascara and lash enhancing serum combined, this same ingredient improves the overall appearance of the lashes, while still sealing in that moisture and nourishment. This nourishing ingredient is also great in the RapidShield® lash conditioner that protects and primes the lashes under mascara.

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Retail Roundup

Now that you know what to keep an eye out for, it’s time to bring it all together to incorporate it into your spa space. “The ultimate goal of providing proper guidance on lash and brow health should be to see results with increased enhancement. If proper instruction is given and followed with clients seeing results, this will ensure follow-up and result in a higher retention rate of clients returning to receive treatments or purchase products, ultimately increasing revenue,” said Dr. Mack.

When offering these different brow and lash services, having a retail section that pairs with treatments can help to significantly boost business. Dr. Mack explains how it’s important to know how to properly pair products with the services you’re providing. For example, if you are providing lash extensions to your clients, it is incredibly beneficial to pair it with a lash serum, but you will want to make sure the serum does not contain oils that might mess with the lash extension adhesive. Similarly, Dr. Mack explains how if you are providing brow tinting services, you will want to pair with a brow serum that will not remove the tint.

RapidLash® is celebrating their 15-year anniversary by giving it back to Project Purple, an impact-driven organization dedicated to creating a world without pancreatic cancer and will be donating a portion of every RapidLash® purchase to fund early detection and treatment research as well as patient financial aid through 2023. 



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