Key Waxing Ingredients for Successful Hair Removal

Key Waxing Ingredients for Successful Hair Removal
Although there are many wax brands available in the marketplace today, they are not all made with the same quality ingredients and as a result can perform differently.
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Not all waxes are made equal. Although there are many wax brands available in the marketplace today, they are not all made with the same quality ingredients and as a result can perform differently. Additionally, added ingredients can make a wax perform and effect the skin in a particular way. When you are considering the best wax for your business and clients, it is a good idea to do your research and become knowledgeable on the base ingredients and the added ingredients that compose each wax. Each of LYCON’s wax is created to solve a problem and to be used on various hair types.

Hard Wax vs. Strip Wax

Hard (or Hot) wax is a type of depilatory wax that is applied and removed without a strip whereas strip (or Soft) wax is applied and removed with a strip. Hot wax is perfect for smaller area waxing such as face, bikini, Brazilian, underarm and even around sensitive areas like the neckline. LYCON’s LYCOjet wax is excellent for sensitive area waxing and can pull those super short stubborn hairs whereas LYCOdream can still pull the hair, but also has added soothing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Arnica and Argan Oil.

Strip wax is great for larger areas such as legs, back and chest. It is most economical and efficient for larger areas as you will use less wax and you can remove the hair fast and efficiently. LYCON’s Lycotec White or Active Gold Strip wax are among LYCON’s most popular as they can be applied super thinly and removed without leaving sticky residue behind.

Both hard and strip wax are composed of various ingredients which can include beeswax, hydrogenated rosin, gum rosin, plus added active ingredients that specifically target certain skin concerns or serve a purpose such as reducing redness.

Key Waxing Ingredients

Micro mica which adds a metallic shine to the wax. It helps with the wax gliding onto the skin and leaves less residue. Titanium dioxide is great for sensitive areas and sensitive skin clients as it helps to soothe the skin and reduce redness. It will also give a wax a “creamy” appearance.

Soothing ingredients such as chamomile or rose are excellent as they act to further soothe the skin after a wax. Aloe Vera or Argon oil are also quality ingredients to look for in waxes especially when selecting a wax for clients with sensitive skin.

A few of LYCON’s wax that contain these active ingredients include LYCOdream Hybrid, LYCOtec White Strip, Rosette Hot, Soberry Hot, and Soyummy Hot. LYCON’s Soyummy Hot wax, LYCOtec White Strip, Active Gold Strip, Soberry Strip all contain Micro Mica. PINKINI Hot Wax is formulated with Argan Oil, Calendula and Chamomile for added soothing ingredients.

Post Waxing Products

In terms of post waxing products, LYCOtane Cleanser is recommended for use before all waxing and immediately after. Made with Jasmine and Chamomile to soothe the skin and not dry it out. Tea Tree is known for its powerful antiseptic properties and healing abilities. When LYCON’s Tea Tree Soothe lotion is applied to the skin after waxing, it soothes, and reduces inflammation.

Knowing which products to avoid and when to use certain ones, will allow you to provide the best possible waxing service each time while reducing the potential for irritation or skin reactions.


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