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Stress is inescapable. Life is fast paced and we are surrounded by stress triggers in our everyday life. From restless or lack of sleep, to emotional and physical stress, our exposure is constant. It is difficult to not worry about the world at large, our local environment, and the workings of our own intimate family lives. Finances, family dynamics and work pressure can all leave us breathless, struggling to find balance.


According to the World Health Organization: stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century. And, stress effects our body in striking and measurable ways. 


Over the past many months, more than we all care to count, global consumer trends have shifted to the need for improved lifestyle factors. We are all looking for ways to use products, have experiences and partake in rituals to help us feel a sense of calm and relaxation, contributing to an overall sense of much needed balance and well-being.


Specific to skin care, consumers are looking for products and practices that maximize their commitment to self care in a time-scarce world. They are seeing their skin care routines as an opportunity to give themselves that much deserved “time-out”. Mindful beauty gives consumers the opportunity to achieve feelings of inner calm, improving sleep, detoxifying, and simply recharging their batteries. So, the very act of doing something to nurture the skin, should be beneficial. Every moment taken to relax and unwind should be well spent.


Science is now confirming how our instinctual need to take moments to de-stress will positively affect our skin. The complex and fascinating world of neuroscience has revealed the importance of the brain-skin connection. Being the largest organ in our body, and one which gauges and senses our environment, the skin is extremely sensitive to stress, and stress responses are easily perceived by it. Stress hormones, namely cortisol, is not only released by the brain, but the skin too!


Stress affects the skin by compromising the barrier function,  increasing the appearance of dullness, lines and wrinkles and the loss of elasticity.


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The timing of Environ’s new Malachite-NP Complex Serience Night Serum launch, could not be more perfect. 


Along with a suggested ritual of relaxation and breathing, Environ recommends using the fingertips to apply the serum onto the key pressure points above the brows, on the temples, and along the jawline to assist in creating a relaxing experience. ​Then to gently massage the serum into the skin before your recommended Environ vitamin A moisturizer. Always remember to encourage deep breathing as a way to destress mind and body.​


Scientifically researched  and studied, the key ingredients help to improve the appearance of fatigued-looking skin and visibly enhance its luminosity, leaving it looking more relaxed, youthful and glowing.


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Along with other key ingredients, such as Matrixyl Morphomics, Neurophroline and Argireline amplified, your skin will have defenses against stress and the negative effects it has on the skin.


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