Hot New Ingredients: Chick Peas and Edible, Natural Ingredients


Silab has addressed the needs of male skin with its latest launch. SMS Energy (INCI: Hydrolyzed cicer seed extract) was created by the company to confront the negative effects of the environment on skin, which can include the weakening of skin cells.

According to the company, the ingredient is a boosting and energizing active ingredient rich in oligoeptides. It is purified from chick pea seeds to act on the mitochondrial compartment and on cytosol. The ingredient is said to reinforce the bioenergetic potential of the skin and speed up cell renewal.

It is recommended in all boosting and energizing care products for men. To create the energizing effect, the active: • stimulates adenosine triphosphate (ATP) neosynthesis • stimulates ATP regeneration via creatine kinase activity • boosts dermal cell metabolism •accelerates cell renewal • increases skin tone and reduces fatigability.

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies has launched a line of edible personal care ingredients. The Covagourmet line is a food grade range based on the precise selection of substances derived from natural renewable sources. Four products are offered in the edible line. Natpure Gum (INCI: Caesalpinia spinosa gum (and) Acacia senegal gum) is a thickener for aqueous phases and is based on vegetable gums.

Natpure Cellgum (INCI: Microcrystalline cellulose (and) cellulose gum) is a cellulosic ingredient allowing the formulation of surfactant-free emulsions (pickering) while creating a thixotropic gel that can be adapted to sprayable products.

Natpure Sol (INCI: Glycerin (and) sucrose laurate (and) sucrose dilaurate (and) sucrose trilaurate (and) sorbitol) is a natural solubilizer derived from sugar cane presenting emulsifying properties for o/w emulsions.

And Natpure SF (INCI: Sucrose stearate (and) sucrose distearate) is an emulsifier with a low HLB for w/o emulsions.

According to the company, these four new edible ingredients complete its range of natural dyes to achieve the formulation of original products. The new line also was created in respect to the environment.


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