5 Intelligent Ingredients to Boost Pro-Youth Results


To truly impact the skin and bring it to a more youthful-looking state, you have to target the mechanisms that affect its degradation. Part of the challenge, however, is the skin serves as an important protective barrier, safeguarding the body and bloodstream against harmful toxins, bacteria and infections. With this in mind, we have to look for ingredients that protect the barrier as well as penetrate it to deliver true change.

So, how do you ensure these ingredients penetrate further than the skin’s surface? The answer lies in skin care science and intelligent ingredients.

Intelligent ingredients –– like retinaldehydes, peptides, stem cells and growth factors –– have become a vital component in formulations due to their ability to penetrate the dermis and signal activity in the skin via energy pathways to improve the overall health and condition of the skin.

Let’s take a look at the top new intelligent ingredients being used in today’s most cutting-edge re-youth programs:

Utilizing intelligent ingredients

Science has introduced several new intelligent ingredients that have become key components in advanced pro-youth care. These active ingredients zero in on barrier penetration to communicate to cells, support collagen production and aide in DNA repair. Here are a few intelligent ingredients making waves in pro-youth care:

●      Ascorbic (L) is a potent form of vitamin C that has been chirally corrected to increase desquamation and evenly thin the stratum corneum. Commonly formulated in vitamin C serums, it supports cell turnover, brightens skin tone and decreases fine lines while leaving a soft, smooth surface.

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