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The 2021 Beauty Business Trend You Can’t Plan Without

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Are you ready to make up for a challenging year with a success-plan for 2021?

According to Brit Carmichael, successful, beauty entrepreneur, all-in-one business apps that handle bookings and your business online is the one trend that entrepreneurs should evaluate as part of a shiny 2021.

“Try Genbook” say’s Brit: 

  • They’ll fill your schedule: Last minute cancellations? No problem. No-shows? Virtually none! Waiting rooms and angry clients? Gone!
  • You can work from your smartphone: From smart calendars to smart marketing, and everything in between, Genbook features simplify and streamline your day-to-day for success.
  • Get booked 24*7: Say goodbye to phone tag. Get booked on social, Google and everywhere in between.
  • Genbook helps you along the way: Need help? Call! Need free resources? Available. Take this 2021 marketing budget planner for example!

Want to make 2021 your best year yet? Try Genbook Free. No credit card needed.


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