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Celluma LED Light Therapy by BioPhotas

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Celluma is cleared by the FDA to effectively treat acne, wrinkles and pain conditions. Easily integrated into most spa menus, it can enhance outcomes while generating additional revenue and referrals. Celluma can be offered as a powerful stand-alone modality or as an add-on to most spa services, including facials, massage, and waxing. Celluma is also ideal for use following laser, microdermabrasion, micro needling, peels, injections and much more.

Flexible : Celluma PRO

 Celluma PRO is quite unlike any LED device available today. Its hands-free flexible design allows it to conform closely to the area of treatment, a key to effectiveness. The unique design is sized perfectly for facial treatments. 

Compact: Celluma LITE

Celluma LITE delivers the same powerful results as Celluma PRO in a more compact size ideally suited for resale and travel. Celluma LITE can be used anywhere on the body, including over the face to treat wrinkles, acne and pain conditions.  

Stand-mounted: Celluma ELITE

Celluma ELITE is stand-mounted on a sturdy rolling base for mobility and offers the same features and specifications as the original Celluma PRO, including most of the flexibility aspects. An articulated and rotating arm provides a wide range of placement options for clients.  

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