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jane iredale Hydration Sprays

<em>jane iredale</em> Hydration Sprays
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While everyone loves a golden, dewy glow, keeping cool and looking fresh-faced during a sticky-hot summer day can seem like an impossible feat. Applying a facial mist throughout the day will not only cool you down instantly, but will also give your skin a moisture boost, leaving it feeling revitalized and looking radiant. Aside from being a quick pick-me-up, facial sprays can also be used to prep the skin before makeup application or used as the finishing touch to help products settle into skin avoiding an undesirable ‘makeup meltdown’.

NEW facial mists from jane iredale that are guaranteed to quench your skin’s summer thirst. These mists are 100% natural and were recently awarded ECOCERT Natural and Organic Certification.

  • jane iredale Balance Hydration Spray ($27)--A facial spritz formulated specifically to help balance skin’s oil production and pH. Orange essential oil, orange peel extract, grapefruit peel extract and algae extract calm and feed the skin. Sets minerals. 100% natural; ECOCERT Natural and Organic Certification.
  • jane iredale POMMISST Hydration Spray ($27) - A facial spritz with the added benefit of pomegranate extract, a powerful antioxidant. Hydrates, conditions and protects all skin types. Sets minerals. 100% natural; ECOCERT Natural and Organic Certification.
  • jane iredale D2O Hydration Spray ($27) - A facial spritz that helps to hydrate and plump the skin cells. Contains key ingredients to calm and protect the skin. Features an Ylang Ylang fragrance. Sets minerals. 100% natural; ECOCERT Natural and Organic Certification.

ECOCERT is a world renowned independent, natural and organic certification body and was the first to develop a standard for natural and organic cosmetics. ECOCERT strives to promote the use of ingredients derived from renewable resources and organic farming in addition to using production and manufacturing processes that are environmentally sound and safe for human health. To earn certification, products must be comprised of a minimum of 95 percent ingredients of natural origin, and a minimum of 5-10 percent ingredients from organic farming.

ECOCERT certifies that jane iredale POMMISST, Balance and D2O Hydration Sprays meet and exceed this standard. The Hydration Sprays are 100 percent natural and 30 percent organic, and the products’ sourcing, manufacturing and packaging have minimal effect on the environment. 800-762-1132,


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