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Jerusalem Balsam adheres and is rapidly absorbed by the skin, leaving a fine, protective film for a prolonged sensation of comfort and cleanliness. Dermatology tested for sensitive skin using safe, natural ingredients.

Helps aid in the repairing of: Eczema, Rosacea and Atopic Dermatitis.

One of the most reputed herbal remedies of the 18th and 19th century was the Jerusalem Balsam. Various versions of the Jerusalem Balsam emerged over the years - some contained as many as 40 ingredients.

Anna Lotan PRO’s Jerusalem Balsam was created as an homage to the legendary historic prescriptions. It utilizes similar herbs, obtained by modern extraction technologies (such as freeze-drying and supercritical CO2 extracts) that are pure and concentrated without residual solvents.

This lotion is designed to enhance the skin’s barrier function. Enriched with a wealth of herbal extracts, this Mediterranean herbal remedy contains skin purifying resins such as Myrrh, Frankincense, Pistacia Lenticus and Propolis, which have been used for generations to protect the skin’s barrier function.

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