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No One Knows Vitamin A Like Vivant: Start at the Top of the A-List

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Vitamin A is the ingredient that does it all–exfoliates, repairs, retextures and rejuvenates. Vivant’s patented vitamin A propionate, similarly, does it all with unsurpassed results. Developed by the scientist, dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon and co-developer of Retin-A® James E. Fulton, M.D., Ph.D., vitamin A propionate is a less irritating alternative to the prescription retinoid. It is molecularly designed to reach deeper into the skin and accelerate cell proliferation and collagen production more effectively than other vitamin A derivatives.

Vivant’s transformative line of vitamin A therapies is formulated in graduating levels so the regimen can progress along with the skin. For skin new to vitamin A, start at Derm-A-Gel or Derm-A-Renew with calming peptides. To push results further, level up to Exfol-A™ then Exfol-A™ Forté, a vitamin A and AHA cocktail formulated for superior exfoliating effect with less irritation. For optimum results, use our A-list corrective serums as part of a complete Vivant four-step regimen.


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