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Award Winning Peels for Superior Results

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At GlyMed Plus, we strive to cater to all skin types and conditions. Our chemical peels are no exception. With our wide variety of award-winning peels, you are never alone in the treatment room.

Each peel is meticulously formulated to yield superior results that you and your clients can be confident in. We know that using the best tools will be drastically more effective when combined with continued education. The GlyMed Plus Institute of Skin Science is designed to support you in both building and refreshing your professional skills as well as helping you to stay current with industry products, techniques and innovation. With more than 25 years of educational expertise, you will benefit from our experience as an industry leader with access to our licensed national educators and exclusive resources.

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  • Easy information guide to help clients understand the benefits of peels
  • What a client can expect when they receive their first peel
  • Client treatment preparation and healing tips
  • Breakdown of the different types of peels and their uses
  • In-depth chart of GlyMed Plus chemical exfoliants and peels

Achieve superior results and the highest client satisfaction with GlyMed Plus.


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