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Exfoliation Requirements: WATCH Skin Editor in Action + Free Guide!

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Introducing the new Skin Editoran imperfection-editing,leave-on AHA peel crème formula with dual-depth penetrating 3% glycolic and 7% lactic acid. Plus, this peel has the added bonus of brightening fermented black tea extract (kombucha) and soothing free-radical fighter Canadian willowherb, all enveloped within hydrating organic shea butter to create a formula that feels exceptionally indulgent on the skin.

This powerful exfoliator works to edit skin imperfections and long-term damage to instantly smooth rough and bumpy texture, diminish dullness, brighten dark damage, improve clarity and color, target congestion, hydrate and reduce the look of lines. Best of all, it does this all without harsh skin-stripping or surface-scraping.

Skin Editor Results After Just 2 Weeks*:

  • 97% improves rough texture
  • 99% softens skin
  • 92% alleviates dullness
  • 95% exfoliates and hydrates
  • 91% exfoliates pore-clogging cells
  • 96% moisturizes skin 

*scientifically tested results based on a 14-day consumer perception study



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