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Oxygen Infusion Kit, Pre-Extraction Treatment

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Agera Laboratories’ two-step Oxygen Treatment Mask is an excellent brightening treatment for all skin types, plus it’s a powerful antibacterial treatment for problem skin. During this treatment, Oxy Infusion Cream and Catalase Anhydro Gel are combined to produce an enzymatic reaction that gives the skin a powerful conditioning boost, a temporary brightening effect, and leaves it soft and smooth. This treatment can be used before extractions as it opens pores and draws impurities to the surface or at the end of any facial to produce the “wow factor” your clients expect. It’s also great for use prior to makeup application to reveal even, soft, glowing skin, creating the perfect makeup palette.

Oxygen Infusion Kit Benefits:

  • Detoxifies acne-prone skin, fighting bacteria that causes breakouts
  • Stimulates cell regeneration and increases circulation
  • Helps lighten pigmentation while restoring a natural, healthy glow

Active Ingredients:

  • Catalase (Catalase Anhydro Gel)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide


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