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Go Spot Go – a Peel Kit for ALL Skin Types

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The award winning Go Spot Go protocol allows the skin care professional to target: Pigment, breakouts/refining and rosacea. It can be used on all skin types and colors as a facial or a peel treatment. Highlighting kojic and azelaic acid, Go Spot Go is both antibacterial, thereby controlling acne, blemishes, pore refinement and rosacea, as well as melanin production inhibitory, thereby helping all forms of hyperpigmentation. This includes hyperpigmentation caused by hormones or melasma, post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation due to blemishes or UV-induced sun damage. It is also a great overall peel, which stimulates cellular renewal from within by increasing epidermal turnover. Skin will appear clear, smooth and spotless!


Go Spot Go Peel Kit is a profitable investment. Use it for facials, peels (Level 1 or Level 2) and post- microdermabrasion ( Level 1); as a quick fix in 30 minutes; or in a 60-minute facial treatment. The award winning Go Spot Go Peel Kit is a “must have” for every professional back-bar, increasing profitability and giving your clients beautiful, healthy, clear and spotless skin!

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