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Repair Cellular Damage at the Source

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Drone Technology is an advanced delivery system that uses dual encapsulated super-peptides to treat specifically targeted skin cells. These peptide drones quickly produce outstanding results by delivering potent, active ingredients directly where they are needed most. They work to reverse, repair and prevent future damage at the cellular level.

GlyMed Plus has formulated two products—each with their own specially calibrated advanced drones designed to combat the signs of aging. Treat hyperpigmentation with Diamond Bright Skin Lightener, and bring back the youth of baby-like skin with Wrinkle Remedy with Drone Technology!

Diamond Bright Skin Lightener: Diamond Bright Skin Lightener reduces pigmentation, evens out skin tone and dark spots and brightens the skin for a younger, smoother looking complexion. Advanced drone technology controls UV induced pigmentation by directly targeting damaged melanocytes to deliver active ingredients, which helps to restore those melanocytes back to proper function.

Wrinkle Remedy with Drone Technology: This luxurious formula saturates your skin with the most cutting-edge wrinkle solution available. Wrinkle Remedy is calibrated to restore collagen to a youthful level, refilling your wrinkles while tightening sagging skin. This advanced wrinkle solution boosts hyaluronic-like acid found abundantly in an infant’s skin, creating more youthful, younger looking skin. 

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