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Reformulated Retinol Serum by Le Mieux

Retinol Serum by Le Mieux
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The retinols of the previous generation delivered anti-aging with some degree of discomfort-mild irritation or itching post-application--in order to achieve the reward of smoother, youthful skin. With today's retinols, discomfort is no longer a requirement thanks to technological advances which have improved retinol's stability, making it less irritating overall, and fortified its youth-enhancing effectiveness when combined with various peptides and tocotrienols, which increase skin's hydration from within and help reverse signs of environmental damage. "A potent, yet gentle and hydrating retinol product like Le Mieux's new Retinol Serum embraces recent advances in multi-functioning stabilizing technology," says Janel Luu, CEO of Le Mieux, a global, professional beauty brand used by top estheticians, high-end skin care enthusiasts and Hollywood notables. "Traditionally, the stability of the retinol molecule proved a major challenge for the cosmetic industry and the product remained unstable, but with recent advances in the encapsulation of the retinol molecule, today's over-the-counter retinol is far more advanced than the retinols available previously. New forms of encapsulation, as demonstrated by Le Mieux's Retinol Serum, make the active ingredient significantly more stable and less irritating to skin. The encapsulation releases continual doses of retinol and delivers it to the target cells more effectively."

Luu continues, "Le Mieux's new Retinol Serum uses three different vehicles to stabilize the retinol, which allows us deliver a higher concentration of pure retinol deep into the epidermis. One of these stabilizers is a retinol Molecular Film Fluid to that allows for effective absorption, as well as delivers high concentration of pure retinol into the skin. Molecular film is obtained at 12,000 PSI under a micro-fluidizing condition and spreads well on the epidermal layer with a very thin monolayer functional film. Le Mieux's Retinol Serum is effective in stimulating the synthesis of growth factors and dermal protein, which provides a strong anti-aging vehicle in reversing the aging process."

The Retinol Serum's concentrated ingredients include: retinol, a topical form of vitamin A that dramatically boosts collagen production and accelerates the skin's natural cell turnover rate for a more youthful appearance; palmitoyl oligopeptide, which reduces wrinkle depth, stimulates collagen and elastin, while delivering moisture to target cells; palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, which dramatically reduces the signs of aging, while enriching skin with anti-inflammatory properties and repairing the skin barrier; palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, a rejuvenation compound that recreates youthful skin by targeting existing signs of aging without causing irritation; and tocotrienols, the most potent form of vitamin E (40-50 time more powerful than traditional forms), containing powerful antioxidant properties that help protect skin against harsh environmental damage, as well as reverse damage caused by stress and UVA/UVB rays.

Luu recommends applying Retinol Serum to the face after cleansing and toning only in the evening. She always advises applying sun protection throughout the day when using this product. Retinol Serum is currently available in a 1.0-ounce retail size ($95.00).

Le Mieux is a professional skin care brand dedicated to empowering professionals and skin care aficionados with breakthrough solutions using the latest advancements in anti-aging technology. For more information about Le Mieux Retinol Serum, visit or call 888-327-8188. To purchase Retinol Serum or any of Le Mieux products, visit or call 888-327-8188.


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